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"I am the WellCelerator. I enable remarkable people - just like you - to excel."

In Business: We accelerate your momentum as a Leader, unite teams, increase profit.

Personal: Learn to date & love like an Emotionally Intelligent Leader. The plan to make love last - forever.

WellCelerators enable you to create your desired future faster by focusing on:

What is working well?

How can you accelerate that even more?

In Business & Personal.

WellCeleration - Who benefits?

The Ripple Effect.


1) You as an individual

2) You & your partner as a couple

3) You, your family & friends

In Business:

4) You and your team of peers

5) You as a core team leader

6) You as a manager of stakeholders

Time for a reality check:

You cannot reach your next level by just doing more of what you are doing now, can you?

You cannot solve your challenges on the same level you created them, can you?

The answer is to excel, through WellCeleration. Become even more remarkable.

Reality Check: How many items describe you well? Out of 10...?

How many syndromes out of 10? One or more?

Room for improvement - time to WellCelerate!

Our WellCeleration Process is very simple and highly effective.

Analyze your status quo

What is working WELL? How can you ACCELERATE that even more?

Discover your blind spots

What is not working (so) WELL? How can you IMPROVE that?

Design your desired future.

How can you TRANSFORM it - into what exactly?

WellCeleration - The Process:

We engage, assess, create, WellCelerate. In Business & Personal.

Schedule a call and apply to find out if you are a good fit!


 Assertive & visionary

 Lead virtual teams

 Manage stakeholders

Sales Performance

 Mindset & skillset

Client acquisition 

Profit growth 

Team Performance



 Result driven


 Emotional Intelligence

 Purpose driven

 Mental health


• Inspiring 

• Supportive

• Tolerant





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Thomas Orths has WellCelerated his clients 30+ years, in Business & Personal.

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The WellCelerator

For Ambitious Characters

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... and this is his background:

Thomas Orths

and his sales team brought more than 5,000 clients to personal development seminars in the mid 90s: The so called UPW. 'Unleash the Power Within' by Tony Robbins.

To dive deeper into people & organizational development, he led a German subsidiary of a leading corporate development firm for Mindset Change in London.

For the next five years, he performed multiple roles: company director, corporate coach, key account manager, recruiting and training coaches, and sales teams.

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Focusing on

Leadership & Management development, Team Alignment & Cohesion, Sales & Profit Growth, High-Performance (Team) Coaching, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution.

Then, 9/11 almost wipes out the UK head office, closing his German branch. With two very young children and suddenly no income, it’s time to decide whether his profession is just a job or his calling?

He decides to stay on course and continues self-employed, which turns out to be a blessing: more freedom to create custom-made solutions, blending mindset & skillset. He also brought in experts when needed, building a multi-cultural global network of trusted partners.

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The ideal framework for custom-made solutions are these three key questions:

  • 1) What is working WELL?

    How can you ACCELERATE that even more? 

  • 2) What is working not (so) WELL?

    How can you IMPROVE that?

  • 3) How can you TRANSFORM it?

    Into what exactly?

For the next 16 years

he operates from Manchester, UK. Global projects lead him to work all over the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa as a workshop facilitator and keynote speaker, giving him deep insights into working with cross-cultural teams.

In 2007 he becomes certified as an Executive Coach, specializing in Emotional Intelligence Development. To this day, he has clocked up more than 1000 coaching sessions. It is his true passion. Upscaling his business to the limits, he experiences severe burnout in 2013.

Coming out of the "black hole" with professional help after three months, he restarts and is very grateful to be able to support others again. He also senses much more about who suffers at the workplace and is on the brink of burnout.

Over the next nine years, he and his partners are in high demand to facilitate project team building and alignment:

European expats joining Asian colleagues, for example, to build whole industrial plants under time pressure, with large growing teams. Finishing on time and on budget. Numerous projects in China, US, Brazil, Middle East, Singapore and the EU build his reputation: Working across cultures building high performance teams.

He also helps his clients how to manage stakeholders, coach board members, empower middle management, and train blue-collar staff.

He adds huge value by identifying (actively) disengaged staff members and turning them around to become good contributors again.

Thomas and his team is often asked to facilitate sales growth, developing sales teams as well as the whole sales process.

With growing globalization, the rising demand for 'leading virtual teams' fascinates him, making him an expert over the years. Which also prepares him for the biggest shift in the industry:

When Covid and severe travel restriction hits in March 2020, and facilitation on-site comes to a complete halt, Thomas and his partners reinvent client support to provide outstanding online solutions: Highly interactive online sessions, one-to-one & one-to-many, that go deep!

The breakthrough: His online sessions become very personal. He learns how to get participants to 'put down their social armor' and become vulnerable, so that the magic of personal transformation can be done online.

As several of his SME clients have to improve their online presence rapidly, Thomas also creates a new Profit-Growth-Consulting stream, partnering with Internet Marketing Experts.

Over the last two years, with travel conditions getting back to normal, hybrid support is now his best practice. The ideal mix of on- and offline facilitation, and always custom-made solutions.

After 24 years of marriage

Thomas goes through a divorce and overcomes a second burnout. Then, he moves to the Netherlands and studies how to find a highly compatible partner and make marriage work: 'love is a verb'.

He creates a process proven to work: 'Date & love like an Emotionally Intelligent Leader'. 

As a Leader you can learn to...

1) Become the best version of yourself so you can attract your best match.

2) Be that best version also at work to raise your value in the market.

3) Attract your best candidates. Assess, select, commit.

4) Create a plan with your partner to make love last.

5) Grow in love together, to make it your ideal partnership.

6) Stay interested in each other - forever. 

Thomas remarries in 2022. Relationship coaching is close to his heart.

As of today he lives as a digital nomad wherever he feels like, orchestrating the best mix of support for his clients. Hybrid solutions, on- and offline, tailor-made holistic support through Consulting & Coaching.

Recreation finding "FLOW"

As a passionate snorkeler he knows about relaxing the body & mind through meditative breathing, exploring the secret underwater world.

As a visual artist, he knows about creativity and perseverance in skill mastery.

As a violinist (orchestra, Irish fiddle, rock music) he knows about collaboration, empathy, and harmony of sound.

Over to You:

What makes you remarkable,

in Business & Personal?

How can you excel?

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One thing is certain: I believe more in my clients than they believe in themselves"

"Be the best future self in the now”

- Thomas Orths

Let's have a deep conversation. 

Relaxed and informal, to see if we are a good fit?


It is lonely at the top. I am here for you! 

Are you lacking a safe space to go deeper? To create game changing paradigm shifts?

"I met Thomas Orths first in 2002. Since many years he worked closely with our management levels in D-A-CH and Benelux. He also supported our sales units in Germany, Italy and Nordic with “Emotional Intelligence for Sales success”.. Thomas was deeply involved in our Leadership & Management development, in our major EMEA roll-out “Performance Coaching for Managers”.

He started at the board level, then the next 3 levels down, across many functions in mixed groups. These coaching sessions including video feedback were followed by Action Learning sets, business related peer coaching. His eye-opening sessions were well received by all. I have been myself in several sessions and was really satisfied with the outcome!

Oliver Kim

HR Manager Quality, Technology & Innovation, EMEA & Global Functions, Goodyear Dunlop

Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

Gregor Hetzke


Roehm GmbH

"Your success in building high performance project teams for us, stems from your motivational, as well as provocative style.

And you manage to get all the German expats and their Asian colleagues highly engaged and aligned - with enthusiasm!"

Barthold Budde

Director Sales Support

 Evonik Industries

"You made a major contribution to our successful project kick-off, thank you. You created a high number of deep insights in the project team.

We are looking forward to the next session with you to create ideas for our process and performance optimization.

Many thanks, the TOPAS team!"

Mary Tang

Senior HR Manager

Degussa China

"It is a very exciting experience working with you for our MATCH project team alignment in Shanghai. Your proactiveness, professionalism and creativity during the intensive sessions impressed us a lot.

You are one of the BEST coaches, as commented by our team members. As a result, this leadership team development has added high value to our team excellence approach. We can now excel in our daily business processes."

Martin Maxeiner

Sales Director

Arla Foods

"The 'high-performance sales coaching' was very relevant for me in the following 3 areas:

Development of new management strategies, dealing effectively with conflict, introducing a sales coaching culture.

Excellent work!"

Martin Bielesch

Vice President

Future Electronics Europe

"The performance coaching initiative was very effective for our leadership team, particularly because of the practical applications to our daily business.

Also a very good balance between team coaching and facilitation. Well done!"

Joe Geraghty

Business Owner

School of Mastery

"Thomas has a rare commitment to meet his clients needs and provide innovative solutions.

He mastered how to support individuals and groups in the same intensity online than offline, face-to-face, which I found hard to believe.

In the video sessions he gets people to let down their 'social armour' and solve crucial issues that hold you back on a very deep level - brilliant!"

Shawn Abrams

Head of Business Line


" I was so impressed with your previous work that I invited you a 3rd time, to our global meeting to give a key-note on Leading Change. The core team enjoyed your thought-provoking talk immensely and it was a great way for us to kick-off our meeting.

I would strongly recommend your coaching & consulting services and hope that my core team has the opportunity to use your expertise again soon!"

Rainer Gimbel

IT Services


"You created in a very short time a positive, energetic atmosphere. The core team members were all excited about the experiential learning style.

And your numerous practical tips on how to transfer the learning into our daily method of operation.

Our expectations to improve team building, team alignment and our ability to change have been surpassed."

30+ years of Wellceleration with leaders, teams and organizations. 

In Business & Personal.

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